Keylogger for Windows

Windows Vista & Windows XP keylogging

Need Windows 7™ or Windows 8™ compatible keylogger? Try our invisible keylogger software.
Operation system compatibility is an important aspect when it comes to installing a PC keylogger. Powered Keylogger is developed for numerous users who run Windows 2000/XP/Vista. You have an opportunity to download its free trial to make sure it works fine in your specific environment. Smooth performance without compatibility issues

A reliable Vista keylogger

It is very frustrating for a user when functionally suitable software is not compatible with the OS installed. It appears not very easy to find a reliable Vista keylogger due to various reasons. Powered Keylogger is a kind of exception. As a rule monitoring solutions do not show great performance on this OS, their functionality may reduce and the errors occur. But Powered Keylogger proved to be an effective surveillance tool in general and as a Vista keylogger too.

Fail-safe Windows XP keylogging

The well-known fact is that Windows XP is a popular OS. You can come across a lot of examples of an XP keylogger. Many of them are really worth trying, though quite few provide the right combination of features which lead to a decision to buy such software. Powered Keylogger can be considered an optimal choice if you require a keylogger for XP system.

It does not have excessive functionality and it does not lack one. It is by far a stable XP keylogger which will come in handy in case you would like to increase you computer security by running a monitoring program.

Try to be sure of compatibility

A PC keylogger is specific software. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the reports it delivers can be sometimes of vital importance. The data it protects or captures is usually critical and it does not matter whether you are a user of Vista keylogger or a keylogger for XP, you have to be sure that your surveillance application will not let you down. That is why we have dedicated much effort to raising compatibility qualities of Powered Keylogger to a very high level. And taking care of our users we would like to stress again that we advise to download the free trial version of Powered Keylogger first to see that it really gives you important advantages.

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