User logger

The powerful user logger

Powered Keylogger performs users logging brilliantly and absolutely invisibly
User keylogger is a stealth and powerful sureillance program. It offers full control over your computer's usage by third parties. User logger is an advanced tool that will help you monitor your child's activity or employees' usage of the Internet.

Users logging tool:

screen log User logger logs everything that was typed on the computer and saves all these data. It records every keystroke including Windows logon password. All activity is saved to special logs that can be either viewed on monitored computer or secretly sent to your email address. User logger monitors all Internet activity and if you wish it can make screenshots of all that's happening on this computer.

My computer is used by other people. Can I monitor the activity of particular user account?

You surely can and that is very easy to do. Choose the logs you are interested in and click the calendar. There you will see the list of user accounts that were at this computer. Choose the one you are interested in and find out what this person was doing and what websites were visited.

With Powered Keylogger you can monitor:

Keystrokes: every key pressed on the keyboard.
Mouse clicks: all clicks with detailed information about themKeylogger logs.
See the screenshots of all computer activity
You can set the frequency for taking screenshots and analyze the activity visually. This way it is also easy to track all incoming emails and IM messages.
Passwords: all passwords typed on monitored computer, including Windows Logon one.
Email activity: all emails circulating on the monitored computer.
Screenshots: analyze all activity on your computer by looking through the detailed screenshots of everything that was going on.
Gain control over all users of your computer