Undetectable Keylogger

Monitor your PC and stay 100% unnoticed

Benefit from stealth PC monitoring with Powered Keylogger, absolutely undetectable keylogger

Powered Keylogger is all-in-one driver-based invisible keylogger. It operates deeply in the system providing maximum stealth level. In addition to its primary key capture function it acts as a full-fledged computer monitoring tool: it is a mouse recorder, it intercepts any passwords and makes screenshots, logs Internet sessions, etc.

Easy-to-use undetectable keylogger

stealth keylogger Powered Keylogger is easy to manage due to its intuitive interface. Everything is very clear to an end-user. Invisibility is also one of its advantages. Its keylogging activity remains usually undetectable. Our solution is optimal for PC owners who do not want to bury themselves into configuration issues and at the same time require comprehensive monitoring reports.

Variety of monitoring modes

Powered Kelogger stays absolutely undetectable by system and security software, that's why users won't notice they are monitored. Of course if you want to inform users that they are monitored and that each and every their action will be tracked, you can enable Monitoring Warning message.

So with Powered Keylogger you can:

Track any PC and Internet activity
Powered Keylogger will track any keystrokes including system keys and controls on multimedia keyboards, mouse clicks. Moreover, you can easily analyze Internet activity and capture all emails sent or received.
Get full access to all passwords
Powered Keylogger records all passwords, including Windows Logon Password, saved passwords, passwords to e-mails and websites, etc.
Track chat conversations
With Powered Keylogger you can monitor any chat conversations. Moreover you can track not only the messages sent, but also those that were typed but not sent. As for received messages, you can easily monitor them with screenshot logging option Powered Keylogger offers.
Take screenshots of a desktop
Powered keylogger secretly makes snapshots of the desktop at a customizable interval, with automatic disabling screenshots taking based on user inactivity.
Flexible logs receiving management
You can set Powered Keylogger to send you logs via email and stay informed of your PC usage in real time. Keylogger can also automatically save the logs to prepared USB Flash Drive invisibly to user and clear logs after being sent.

And as was mentioned before, Powered Keylogger is 100% undetectable keylogger, so all listed above data will be collected in a stealth mode.

Do not hesitate to try Powered Keylogger - its trial version is fully functional for 14 days.