Surveillance software

Eltima Software offers one of the best
surveillance software solutions

When using the computer surveillance tool you gain full control over your computer
Surveillance software is very powerful yet convenient to use solution for your family or business. It will absolutely invisibly monitor all computer activity of your child or of an employee.

How to choose the most suitable software for computer surveillance

screen log We offer two surveillance software programs: Advanced Keylogger and Powered Keylogger. Download free trial version of any of them to fully evaluate the functionality.

How to use the surveillance software correctly

To use the computer surveillance software you don't have to be very experienced. Simply download the program and follow the comprehensive setup steps. Surveillance software will save your time and money as there is no need to learn how to use it, it is very simple and understandable.

Can I warn the users that there is a computer surveillance working?

Our software has the settings that allow you to warn anybody using your computer while you are away that it is being monitored.

What do you get with the surveillance software

Thanks to carefully developed surveillance methods you can easily monitor any activity on your computer:

all keystrokes;
all mouse clicks;
all typed passwords;
all visited websites;
see the screenshots of computer activity;
view email messages.
Stay informed with the surveillance software