Spy tool

Spy tools can send you reports from
a monitored PC even if you are far away.

Spy sofware is the most effective solution for computer monitoring
Are you aware of the websites your spouse and kids visit? Do you know who they chat with? Are you sure your employees are working loyally when you are not around? Install spy agent software and find out all truth!

How to increase your profit with the help of spy software

screen logUnfortunately some employees spend their working time on visiting entertaining websites, playing online games, or chatting with others not related to work. You can easily solve this problem by installing spy tools on the computers you want to monitor and control all activity on these machines. For your convenience all recorded logs can be sent out to your email by remote spy tool in totally invisible mode.

How to set up remote spy tool correctly

In order to set up the remote spy tool in Advanced Keylogger go to "Personalize" section and choose the necessary settings in "Logs emailing settings". To set up remote spy tool in Powered Keylogger press the "Options" button, then "Advanced options", and in the "E-mail" section choose the needed settings.

Why spy software can be useful at home

Surfing the Internet your kids can meet some dangerous people online and never know how dangerous they are until something happens. With the help of spy software you can find out who your children are chatting with and prevent any unwanted consequences. Additionally you will know how much time your children spend on computer games, movies, etc.

Get even more with spy tools:

Track IM chats
Get full access to all correspondence in instant messengers with the help of spy agent software. You can see the messages sent in Skype, ICQ, etc., and the messages that were typed, but not sent.
Monitor any activity on PC
Stay in the know of any action performed on your computer. You can see what applications were launched, track mouse clicks, the websites that were visited, the period of time on each site (Powered Keylogger), etc.
See screenshots of computer activity
Spy tools will make screenshots of PC activity at the specified period of time. You will be able to look through all actions performed on your computer while you were away.
Monitor computer remotely
Spy software can be set to send you the recorded logs each X minutes or X hours to the specified email address. You can open and analyze the recorded information from anywhere.
Monitor many user accounts
With the spy agent software it is very easy to monitor the activity performed under each user account on the monitored computer.
With the spy software you will stay informed of any single action performed on your computer.