Spy software

Spy software

Spy soft for invisible monitoring of your computer
Spy software is an ideal monitoring solution either for a local computer or for a remoted one. You can see what your children were typing in a chat window, or what websites they were browsing. You can also easily monitor your employees' activity. The functionality offered by the spy soft is suitable for home use as well as for corporate use. Even if you have plenty of computers to monitor in your office, you'll find spy software very easy to use.

What you can do with Spy soft:

screen logWith the help of Spy soft you can efficiently monitor your computer. Spy software tracks every keystroke on your computer, records everything that was copied to the clipboard, etc. Every recorded activity has its time mark, so there will be no problem to find out when your computer was used and how exactly.

Spy software is your essential assistant in Internet use control

All Internet usage is under control on your computer with Spy Software. You get the detailed log of all visited web pages, when they were visited, and screenshots of those pages. In case something unwanted was performed while you were absent you will always have a proof with screenshots and exact time marks.

How does the Spy software work:

The Spy soft invisibly starts with the system launch and starts recording all activity right away including Windows logon passwords. It can clear all recorded logs automatically according to the settings you choose and can send you the reports to the email address you indicate. After installed it can work invisibly and doesn't even require you to be at the monitored computer to stay informed.

Spy software will prevent you and your family from having any unwanted issues.