Security software

Secure yourself with a keylogger

Keyloggers at present have moved far beyond simple keystroke capturing. They have majorly become comprehensive monitoring solutions which deliver reports on various types of computer activity:

capture clipboard operations;
control Internet activity, e-mail and instant messaging;
monitor PC's connected to a local network etc.

There has formed a general stereotype that keylogging software is something harmful which one should get rid of immediately. Various security programs tend to detect monitoring activity and define keyloggers as a threat. But let's get an alternative angle on this problem.

A keylogger is security software itself. This point of view can be illustrated by the following:

It is natural for you as a parent to be protective of your child

At a certain age your child will surely socialize via Internet. Without an exaggeration it is your duty to prevent unconscious individuals from doing anything wrong to him/her. A teenager may not even realize the danger, so you have to be on guard and install a keylogger to monitor his/her Internet activity. This means you use this software for security purposes (as a parental control software).

You are a hardworking professional

You have been doing your best to complete a project. There is some critical data stored on your PC. It is vital for you to keep it private to grant the general success of the project. You install a keylogger to prevent data leakages. You monitor the computer to protect your intellectual property. This also means that you use such software for security purposes.

You own a company and would like to use the available resources efficiently

In this case you can install a keylogger as a local network monitoring software. This solution would allow you to define working loads and terms correctly, to escape unnecessary mistakes in planning your company's strategies. So you protect your enterprise from risks and save budgets, which means that keylogging software serves security purposes.

These are only few examples which prove the value of running surveillance programs. Besides it is important to differentiate legal monitoring software from applications with suspicious behavior. It is usually considered that if a keylogger requires administrative rights, physical access to a computer and user's consent to be installed then it is used for legal security aims. A lot of vendors produce such software. It certainly varies in functionality and quality, though we would like to recommend you trying Powered Keylogger as an optimal combination of many aspects.

As a conclusion we would like to say that a lot of types of software can perform negative and positive operations at the same time, the crucial factor here is human intensions. And that is what we are all responsible for.

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