Screen logger

Get full control over your PC activity
even staying away from it

View screenshots of the desktop and stay aware of any action performed on your PC
Monitoring PC activity can be a vital necessity for each user. Especially if one has a suspicion that his PC is abused while he is away from it. In such case screenshot logger is the best solution for you. Staying absolutely invisible, screenshot logger will provide you with detailed reports of how your PC was used during your absence.

Screenshot logger:

screen log Screenshot loggers are powerful surveillance tools which will provide you with detailed visual reports of your PC usage. Staying absolutely undetectable by security software and invisible for users, screenshot loggers can take screenshots of the desktop with a definite frequency and save them in a safe place thus ensuring that no one but you will find and view them.

Can I monitor PC in real time?

Screen loggers allow setting screenshots frequency, so you can view what was done on your PC while you were away. And no need to wait till you are on your PC to view these logs - one of the main options screenshot loggers offer is the possibility to monitor your PC in real time. You can easily set screenshot recorder to send you reports via email in a definite period of time (each X minutes or X hours) thus staying informed of how your PC is used right now.

Additional features of screenshot loggers:

When using screenshot loggers you are getting multiple useful options besides screenshot logging.

screen logging Possibility to track PC and Internet activity
With Keyloggers you are getting full access to all reports which will inform you of any PC activity (keystrokes typed, applications launched, mouse clicks) and Internet activity (websites launched, the time user spent on the website, etc.). 
screen recorder Full access to IM conversations
You can easily track everything what was sent and typed in Instant messengers with our keyloggers. This can be very handy if you need to know whom your kids are talking to or what your employees are discussing during the working day.
screen logger Remote tracking of PC usage
Keyloggers provide you with a great opportunity to receive logs in real time and analyze your PC usage when you are away. Logs can be sent to your email as frequently as you want thus ensuring you will always stay informed.
screen log Stealth monitoring
Screenshot loggers stay absolutely invisible and undetectable during the monitoring process, so no need to worry that anyone but you will be aware of their presence on PC.
Of course if you want to warn users that they are monitored, you can enable Monitoring Warning message.

Do not hesitate to evaluate keyloggers - which one is for you?

Benefit from staying informed of your PC usage with screenshot loggers.