Password logger

Use password logger to keep an
eye on your PC

By using a password keylogger you can control what other people are doing on your computer even when you are away
Want to know what others are doing at your computer? Whether they use it appropriately? Password logger will help you make sure your children are not chatting with some suspicious people online. Password keylogger will give you the full report of what others were doing at your PC.

Password logger:

screen log Password logger will reveal everything others are doing at your computer. Nothing can be hidden from password keylogger: logon passwords, everything typed, emails sent, etc. While watching after your PC password logger is absolutely hidden and invisible to anybody.

Can password logger track the Windows logon password?

Password logger allows to track Windows logon password. Password logger installs on a core level of your system and secretly and effectively monitors all passwords entered on this computer.

With Advanced Keylogger you can:

Control outgoing conversations in IMs
See all messages sent from your computer via Skype, ICQ, etc. and see what messages were typed but not sent.
Track all typed data, even Windows Logon password
Every key that was pressed on the keyboard will be shown in Advanced Keylogger logs.
See the screenshots of all computer activity
You can set the frequency for taking screenshots and analyze the activity visually. This way it is also easy to track all incoming emails and IM messages.
See all visited websites and when they were visited
With the help of Advanced Keylogger you will know the websites visited, the search words entered, the time spent on each website, etc.
Control the clipboard content
Most keyloggers track the keys pressed, but don't allow tracking what was copied to the clipboard. Unlike others Advanced Keylogger can control everything that was copied to the clipboard.
View all passwords entered on your PC and be in the know of all hidden data