Mouse recorder

Track mouse clicks on your PC
with Powered Keylogger

There can be numerous situations when you need to have a full control over your PC usage while you are away. You may be a careful parent who wants to monitor what your kids are doing while you are working, or a responsible boss who wants to know how his employees are using (or abusing) computers and Internet resources during the working day.

Doesn't matter why you need to monitor your PC, the main fact is that you can easily do this with Powered Keylogger.

Mouse logger

mouse tracker Powered Keylogger is a perfect mouse logger which can silently track all mouse clicks within applications launched. Mouse recorder will provide you with detailed reports about mouse clicks performed in a definite program and will show you time, date, username, application, window and control on which the click was made.

Get even more monitoring opportunities:

mouse logger Powered Keylogger is not just an ordinary mouse logger. Besides the possibility to track mouse clicks within applications, Powered Keylogger also allows tracking any other activities performed on your PC. More than that, Powered Keylogger stays 100% undetectable during the monitoring process.

Key features of Powered Keylogger at a glance:

Keystroke logger
Powered Keylogger tracks any keystrokes typed (including Windows password and logins) so you will be always aware of what was typed on your PC while you were away.
Internet logger
Powered Keylogger allows tracking any web activity, visited websites, the time user surfed a website, search keywords typed and so on.
IM conversations logger
You can not only view all keystrokes typed and sent via Skype, Miranda, etc. but also view messages that were typed but not sent.
Screenshot logger
Powered Keylogger takes screenshots of the desktop in a definite period of time so you will be able to track all actions performed on your PC while you were away.
Undetectable keylogger
Being a very powerful monitoring tool, Powered Keylogger stays invisible for users and 100% undetectable by security software.
Remote logger
You can easily set Powered Keylogger to send you logs each X minutes or X hours at your email in order to monitor your PC in real time.

As a result, monitoring your PC with Powered Keylogger will give you an access to detailed reports of PC usage.

Do not hesitate to try Mouse logger - its trial version is fully functional for 14 days.