Monitor employee

Monitor all passwords entered
on your computer

Our keylogger is one of the best monitor employee solutions on the market
You may want to know how your employees work when you are away from the office or find the ways to make their work even more efficient. Monitor employees with the our keyloggers to find the answers to your questions.

Wondering how to monitor employee?

screen logThanks to the keylogger there is no need to buy any expensive monitoring solutions, all you need is to install our keylogger and set up monitoring parameters once. After that you won't even need to be at the monitored PC to know what's going on there.

Want to know how to improve your employees’ efficiency?

With keylogger you have the possibility to warn a computer user that this computer is being monitored. In this way you can prevent this person from spending time on inappropriate websites and chatting with inappropriate people.

See whether your employee is loyal

Our keyloggers offer such efficient monitoring mechanisms as taking screenshots, recording keystrokes and visited websites, etc. All this information will help you see whether your employee is loyal and willing to work.

Find out how to keep the sensitive information safe

If you suspect that there is an information leak, but cannot figure out who leaks it, the keylogger will help you solve this issue efficiently. Install the keylogger on all your office computers and set it to send you the logs to email.

Monitor employees to gain full control over their actions