Messenger spy

Spyware messenger is an essential
computer control tool

With Spyware messenger you fully control all events on your computer
Have you ever wondered what websites do your kids visit or with whom does your spouse chat all the time? Be aware of everything going on on your computer while you are away and protect your family with the help of Spyware messenger.

How to install spyware messenger

screen logIn order to install spyware messenger you don't have to be an experienced computer user. Simply download the program from our website and follow the comprehensive setup instructions.

How to test spyware messenger for free

You can easily download free keyloggers from our website and fully evaluate them. Advanced Keylogger features 7-day trial period, while Powered Keylogger - a 14-day one. This is more than enough to fully test the software functionality prior to purchasing it.

How to control your employees with spyware messenger

You probably know that controlling your employees you can get more profit out of your business. But do you know how easy it is with spyware messenger? Spyware messenger will save your money, because it is reasonably priced and will control your employees absolutely unnoticed. Alternatively you can set spyware messenger to warn them they’re being monitored.

With spyware messenger you get even more:

Monitor keystrokes
Spyware messenger can track all keystrokes on your computer in any application, document, or during the IM chat. In this way you are aware what your kids, employees, or other users were doing at this computer while you were away.
Track computer and Internet activity
Spyware messenger provides you with the full reports about all computer activity (applications started, mouse clicks made) as well as about Internet activity (websites visited, the time spent on the website, etc.).
Track your computer invisibly
The spyware messenger is absolutely invisible to the users of the monitored computer and won't be detected by security software. Spyware messenger is constantly tested and improved to ensure that it stays undetectable.
Visual monitoring
With our spyware messenger you get the detailed reports of the computer activity, completed with the screenshots that visually demonstrate how your PC was used while you were absent.
Monitor many user accounts
Spyware messenger allows you to monitor the computer activity under multiple user accounts.
Spyware messenger efficiently controls your computer activity