Keystroke Logger

Stay aware of what is typed on
your PC even being away from it

Get a full access to all keystrokes typed on your PC in a stealth mode
No doubt everyone wants to know who and how is using their PC. Especially when it comes to situations when the owner is away from PC and cannot physically control its usage. Here is when using keystroke logger can be a perfect solution for you as it will keep you informed of everything what was typed on your PC.

Keystroke logger:

keystroke recorder Keystroke logger Software allows tracking everything what was typed on your PC. With keystroke recorder you can easily get access to all keystrokes, messages typed in Instant messengers, texts of emails which were typed, passwords, texts typed in different documents and so on. In other words keystroke logger tracks any keyboard activity including system keys and controls on multimedia keyboards.

Is keylogger stealth?

The set of monitoring possibilities keystroke logger offers is very important. But one more aspect which is crucial when choosing keylogger is its stealth and invisibility. Agree, you do not need a keylogger, even if it is very powerful, if it can be detected in a minute after launch.

Keystroke loggers are invisible for users and undetectable for system and security software. So you do not need to worry that they will be detected, of course, until you want to warn users that they are monitored. In such case you can enable Monitoring Warning message.

More than that, you are able to:

keystroke recorder software Track IM conversations
Get full access to all IM correspondence. BTW you can monitor not only messages sent via Skype, Miranda, etc. but also view messages that were typed but not sent.
computer keystroke logger Track PC activity
Stay informed of any action performed on your PC. Find out which application was launched and track mouse clicks within it; monitor the list of visited websites, the time user surfed a website (Powered Keylogger), search keywords typed and so on.
best keystroke logger Make screenshots
Keystroke loggers take screenshots of the desktop in a definite period of time, so you will be able to track all actions performed on your PC while you were away.
remote keystroke logger Track PC activity remotely
You can easily set keystroke loggers to send you logs each X minutes or X hours at your email in order to monitor your PC in real time.
usb keystroke logger Monitor multiple user accounts
With keystroke loggers you can easily monitor PC activity performed under multiple user accounts.

Do not hesitate to evaluate keyloggers - which one is for you?

Benefit from staying informed of your PC activity with keystroke loggers.