Keylogger tool

Keylogger tools provide you
with the most important monitoring options.

With the help of our keylogger tool you are informed of any single keystroke made by the users of your computer.
Keylogger tools are the ideal solution for the caring parents who want to know what their children are surfing on the Internet, as well as for the supervisors who need to control their employees activity.

What does keylogger tool monitor?

screen log Keylogger tools can secretly monitor any activity on the computer. They record the keystrokes made, non-printable keys pressed, the websites visited, chat messages sent, clipboard content, etc. Thank to keylogger tools you will be fully aware of what your kids, spouse, employees are doing at your computer while you are away.

Are keylogger tools really invisible?

Keylogger tool is hidden from the system on a very low level and only a special secret word or a secret key combination that only you know can unhide it.

When using keylogger tools you are getting the combination of multiple useful monitoring options.

Track computer and Internet activityWith a keylogger tools you get the full access to all information of any computer activity (keystrokes, applications launched, mouse clicks) and activity on Internet (websites visited, the time spent on the website, etc.).
Access IM conversationsYou can monitor everything sent and typed in Instant messenger windows with our keylogger tools. You will know who your kids are chatting with or what your employees are talking about during the working day.
Track computer remotely
Keylogger tools let you receive logs in real time and see how your computer is used even when you are away. Logs can be silently sent to your email address at the chosen time interval so that you always stay informed.
Secret monitoring keylogger tools are invisible and undetectable, so you don't have to worry that anyone but you can discover them on the monitored computer.
In case you want to warn users that this computer's activity is being monitored, you can set the Monitoring Warning message for the computer users.
Use all keylogger tools simultaneously when monitoring