Keyboard recorder

Keyboard recorder gives you full
control over computer

Powered Keylogger is an essential keyboard logger that allows tracking all actions on PC
If you can't always be in the office but need to control the employees' computer activity keyboard recorder is what you need. Keyboard logger secretly installs in the system and is absolutely invisible. Absolutely untrackable it collects all data from the monitored computers for your analysis.

Keyboard keylogger:

screen log Keyboard recorder is a powerful monitoring software that will provide you with the detailed reports of what's being done on any of your computers, either it is your own PC or your employee uses it. Keyboard logger can send all logs to your email address and stay absolutely invisible on the monitored computer.

Can I track activity if the computer was on, but the keyboard was inactive?

Yes, sure. Keyboard recorder tracks the exact time when every key was pressed, so it's easy to find out how long the keyboard was inactive and when it became active again.

With Powered Keylogger you can:

Track all PC activity including Internet
With Powered Keylogger you can track all keystrokes including multimedia keyboards activity and system keys. Moreover all Internet activity is recorded including outgoing and incoming emails.
Monitor all passwords entered on your PC
Powered Keylogger will record all typed passwords including Windows Logon password.
Monitor chat activity
Powered Keylogger helps you monitor chat conversations. You can track sent messages and those that were typed but not sent. Incoming messages can be monitored with screenshot logging option of Powered Keylogger.
Take screenshots of everything happening on your PC
You can set Powered Keylogger to make screenshots at a certain interval. Screenshots won't be made if there is no activity for a certain period of time.
Convenient logs management
Powered Keylogger will send you the logs via email, so you don't even have to be at the monitored PC to check its activity. Alternatively to email, you can copy all logs to your USB Flash Drive, which happens totally invisibly.
Gain the full access to every keystroke in a totally invisible way.