Internet logger

Track Internet usage on your PC

Be informed of all websites visited on your PC while you are away
Internet is probably the biggest source of information in modern life, but no doubt, there are too many websites with negative or adult content. So if you are a caring parent, your desire to protect your kids from visiting such websites is absolutely adequate.

You may also need to monitor which websites are visited by your employees during the working day. There can be numerous situations when you need to monitor Internet usage on your PC, but in any situation, Internet loggers will handle this task!

Internet loggers:

inernet log Internet loggers are powerful monitoring tools which will keep you informed of Internet activity performed on your PC. You do not need to be near the computer to control your kids or employees - our Internet logger will collect detailed information about every website visited: user who surfed to that website, browser which was used, web-page caption, and the URL, of course.

Is it legal to use Internet logger?

Yes, of course, installing and using Internet logger on your own PC is absolutely legal. As an owner of PC you have a perfect right to know how your PC is used during your absence. So no need to worry about Internet logger legacy as long as you are using it on your own PC.

After all you can inform users that your PC is monitored by enabling Monitoring Warning message.

All options of Internet loggers at a glance:

Internet loggers offer you numerous additional options, take a look at them.

interent logging PC activity tracking
Stay informed of any action performed on your PC with Internet loggers. These handy loggers will track any applications launched, mouse clicks, etc.
internet logger Track keystrokes
Email loggers can easily track any keystrokes typed on your PC in any document, web browser or during the IM conversation, thus keeping you informed of what your kids, employees or any other users were typing while you were away.
internet tracking Analyze PC usage visually
Internet loggers will not only track any PC and Internet activity, they will also screenshot it! Just configure Internet loggers to take screenshots each X minutes or X hours and stay informed of your PC usage.
internet access tracking Monitor PC usage remotely
Internet loggers allow receiving logs remotely thus keeping you informed of your PC usage in real time. You can configure Internet loggers to send you detailed logs of PC usage via email each X minutes or X hours and be able to react fast according to information you receive in logs.
internet activity recorder Stealth monitoring
Internet loggers stay absolutely invisible and undetectable during the monitoring process, so no need to worry that anyone but you will be aware of their presence on PC. Of course if you want to warn users that they are monitored, you can enable Monitoring Warning message.
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Benefit from using Internet loggers and get the full control over your PC!