Email logger

Be aware of emails management on your PC

Keep an eye on emails sent or received even being away from your PC
No need to say that your PC is your own property and the desire of each user to be well-informed of all actions performed on it is absolutely normal. If you have any suspicions that your PC is abused by your roommates, or you need to know what your kids are doing on it while you are away, or need to monitor what your employees are actually doing during the working day - you need an email logger.

Email logger:

email log With our email logger you will be always aware of each and every email sent or received on your PC even if you are away from it. You will be able to monitor when emails were sent or received, email recipient (s) or sender, email body and view any files which were attached to this email.

Our email logger gives you the possibility to monitor all mentioned above details in a stealth mode and stay invisible!


Can I track emails in real time?

Our email logger allows you to receive logs remotely in real time.

For example, you do not need to wait till you are on your PC to be able to check all tracked logs - you can receive them in real time via email!
Just set the parameters of email sending frequency (emails with logs can be sent to you each X minutes or each X hours) and view them remotely. Our email logger gives you the possibility to react fast according to the information which was emailed (corporate information, your credit card details and so on).

Get even more with email logger:

email logger Track keystrokes
Email logger can easily track any keystrokes typed on your PC in any document, web browser or during the IM conversation, thus keeping you informed of what your kids, employees or any other users were typing while you were away.
email spying Track PC and Internet activity
With email logger you will also get the full reports not only about any PC activity (applications launched, mouse clicks) but also about Internet activity (websites launched, the time user spent on the website, etc.).
email log Track your PC silently
Our email logger is absolutely invisible for users and 100% undetectable by any security software. We constantly test its compatibility with security software to ensure that it won't be detected.
monitor email Visual tracking
With our email logger you will not only receive reports of any PC activity, you will also receive screenshots which will visually show how your PC was used during your absence.
mail logger Monitor multiple user accounts
You can easily monitor PC activity performed under multiple user accounts.
Do not hesitate to try out email loggers and evaluate their options