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Download Advanced Keylogger
  • Version:
  • Date: 1st Mar, 2012
  • File size: 13.5MB
Download Powered Keylogger
  • Version:
  • Date: 30th Jan, 2007
  • File size: 3.41MB
Powered Keylogger and Advanced Keylogger are powerful keyloggers which will easily track any PC activity while you are away and provide you with detailed and user-friendly reports.
We offer free keylogger downloads to everyone who wants to evaluate Advanced or Powered Keylogger for free.
Free Advanced Keylogger allows you to view all captured logs for 7 days. Free Powered Keylogger is fully functional for 14 days, so you can fully evaluate its possibilities and monitor your computer completely. You can view the detailed comparison chart of Advanced Keylogger and Powered Keylogger.
There are two possible ways to install Powered Keylogger on your PC: visible and invisible installation. This dialog window is available if you have selected "Full installation" option. The core driver is able to hide its own folder and all its contents from file explorer, making sure nobody will be able to locate the keylogger on your PC. That is why we need your confirmation to be sure you allow us to do that.

perfect keylogger download Disable any security or antivirus software you have installed on your PC.
password logger download
Download the latest version of Powered Keylogger
mouse logger download
Launch the installer and accept the terms of agreement.
mouse logger download
Please read the information shown in the next window carefully - it describes two possible ways of installation (visible and invisible) and uninstallation.
mouse logger download
Select the components you want to install:
  • if you are going to monitor this PC, choose both components;
  • if you are going to use this PC only for viewing logs received via email or from your USB drive from the monitored PC, uncheck Powered Keylogger core drive installation.
mouse logger download
  1. The next step is to choose in which mode you would like to install Powered Keylogger - visible or invisible.
  2. In this window you can also choose if you want Powered Keylogger to be enabled in Safe mode(please note that you can enable or disable this option during installation only, it cannot be changed afterwards).
  3. Type and confirm your secret word (this will be your unhide word).
mouse logger download
Now Powered Keylogger is ready to be installed - click "Install" to start the process.
mouse logger download
You will be shown this window once Powered Keylogger is installed. Click "Show my secret word" in case if you've forgotten it. After this you only need to type your secret unhide word anywhere (even on your desktop) and Powered Keylogger will show up.

Do not hesitate to download Powered Keylogger or Advanced Keylogger