Personal computer logger

or how to be informed
about your computer activity

Computer logger is a first-stop utility to make your computer a secure place. There are so many situations when you particularly need a PC keylogger, especially when you allow other people to use your computer.

Computer data logging is what you get here and it is absolutely legal when it is installed under security administrator of the system or the computer owner control.

Legal computer data logging software are in fact monitoring utilities (employees monitoring software, parental control software, personnel security programs). Legal computer logger software can be installed when you are physically present at the computer and require administrator privileges.

Here's why you need computer activity recorder

A legal computer activity recorder usage allows the owner (the security administrator) of an automated system or a personal computer to:

See if there were any crucial words or word combinations typed that if leaked can lead to a money loss;
See if there were any attempts to try the security passwords;
Control the usage of the computer during the non-working hours;
Study through the computer incidents;
Restore crucial information in case of computer malfunctioning (e. g. you typed some text, but not saved it when your computer suddenly hung).

Computer loggers:

PC track We offer not only efficient but also rather inexpensive solutions for computer data logging - Powered Keylogger and Advanced Keylogger. Both of these utilities serve as a complete computer activity recorder and collect the most explicit reports of all actions performed at this PC.

Which keylogger is for you - Powered Keylogger or Advanced Keylogger?

pc recorder Powered Keylogger
This is a low-core keylogger which operates on most low levels of your PC. It is totally invisible and undetectable for all users of the computer.
pc logger Advanced Keylogger
Compatible with Windows 7 and not visible in Windows Task Manager. Easy and comprehensive interface with multiple settings.
You can try demo versions of Powered Keylogger & Advanced Keylogger. Download keyloggers now!