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Nowadays keyloggers are mostly used by parents and by employers. Obviously everyone wants to know what's happening on their computer when they are away from it. We are willing to help you solve this issue and prepared a keylogger review so that you can decide which one is for you. Compare keylogger options and choose the most suitable for you.
Powered Keylogger
Advanced Keylogger
Records keystrokes
Monitors Internet activity
Captures mouse clicks
Compatible with Windows 7 & Windows 8
Low-core driver-based keylogger
Records Windows Logon password
Records all passwords within users sessions
Clipboard log
Records Unicode keystrokes
Records cookies, sent forms' contents, referers
Captures e-mails sent or received
Records desktop activity (screenshots)
Records applications activity
Configurable screenshots taking
Sends logs via e-mail
Indepth HTTP protocol analysis
Unique screenshots playback as a slideshow
Unique "secretword" unhiding mechanism
Hot-keys protected program configuration
Inactivity log
Advanced logs filtering system
SMTP authentication
"Test" feature for sending of log files
Unique "Suggest SMTP server" feature
Advanced logs clearing
Show monitoring warning on windows startup (optional)
Feature unlimited trial version
Multiple user accounts monitoring
Several days report selecting
Calendar based query
Logs export
OS Support: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
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