Browser logger

Control web activity

Be sure that your kid is using Internet safely with the help of browser logger
Do you want to know how your kids are using Internet? Whether they are chatting with some dangerous people or visiting some illegal websites? Browsers logging tool is what you need in this case.

Browser keylogger

With browser keylogger it is very easy to view recorded web activity. Simply go to "Visited websites" menu, choose the date, click "Regenerate logs" and get the detailed report. You can also view which user account surfed that website, browser used, the caption of the webpage, and its link.

Does browser logger monitor many browsers?

PC track Browser logger monitors various browsers activity including the most popular Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Opera, etc.

Which keylogger is for you - Powered Keylogger or Advanced Keylogger?

pc recorder Powered Keylogger
Totally invisible and not detectable browser logger. Works on the lowest level of operating system.
pc logger Advanced Keylogger
Easy-to-understand interface plus the support for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Invisible for Task Manager.
Control your kids' activity in Internet