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Powered Keylogger

Looking for keylogger software?

  • Powered Keylogger tracks all keystrokes, passwords, internet activity, chats, emails, mouse clicks, etc.
  • Powered Keylogger runs absolutely invisibly for users and no one but you knows it is installed. High stealth ability differs Powered Keylogger from the majority of other keyloggers.
  • Our keylogger stays 100% hidden in the system and won't be detected by the majority of firewalls and antiviruses thus ensuring perfect monitoring process.
keylogger software

Track any PC activity

or how to use keylogger software

Keyloggers are meant to track any PC activity: keystrokes typed, mouse clicks, passwords, web and email activity, applications history and so on. Powered Keylogger is probably the most powerful keylogger software which offers all of mentioned above options within one application.

Monitor your PC in a stealth mode

or how to monitor PC and stay invisible

Powered Keylogger will not only monitor your PC, but will also stay invisible for users and undetectable by security software. Of course, if you want to inform users that PC is monitored, you can enable Monitoring Warning message.

Receive full reports about PC usage

or how to stay informed of monitoring results

Unlike other keyloggers, Powered Keylogger offers you clear and user-friendly reports of the monitoring process. Moreover, these reports can be sent to you via email so you will be able to study them immediately and stay updated of current PC usage in real time.

I am using your keylogger to check whether my kids are mature enough, who they are talking to on the Internet and so on. I am a careful father, so I would like to be clued in.

Steve MacKellar

Keylogger would greatly aid our undergraduate capstone research project by providing accurate data that we hope will lead us towards the ability to strengthen cyber security as a whole.

Eric Pratsch
Do not hesitate to download trial version of Powered Keylogger: fully functional for 14 days